Carol Valenzuela Real Estate

Carol Valenzuela

Oregon Licensed  Real Estate Broker Working in Klamath Falls, Oregon

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Carol specializes in the Running Y Community as well as commercial real estate in downtown Klamath Falls.

“I like being part of things that are moving forward. I am excited to be involved in a growing community and helping Klamath Falls in becoming a vibrant and fun community that welcomes visitors and promotes local business success.”       - Carol



Carol comes to Fisher Nicolson Realty with experience in operating, buying and selling businesses and investment properties in the Bay Area and Northern California.  Her most recent business “flip” was a 20 acre ranch and wedding venue located just outside of Redding, CA.  She then relocated with her husband to Klamath Falls where they enjoy the beauty of Southern Oregon.   Carol and her husband have 5 grown children and 4 grandchildren.  She likes spending time with her loved ones, cooking, painting and sewing.   Carol is a lifelong student and has attended art classes at KCC and SOU.   She is passionate about health, shopping local and living in a small community.




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